Watch this space, but please don't use it yet

Out of the box we support Mdoc's ability to render Scala.js snippets

All you need to do is to have this setting turned on in the head of your Markdown document:

scala-mdoc-js: true
scala-mdoc-js-dependencies: com.raquo::laminar_sjs1:0.11.0

scala-mdoc-js-dependencies is optional, and can be used to add dependencies that will be used to compile your snippets.

Dependencies apply on per-file basis only.

For example, here's a snippet from Laminar's own website, used verbatim to render this page:

import com.raquo.laminar.api.L._
import org.scalajs.dom

val clickBus = new EventBus[Unit]

val $maybeAlert = EventStream.merge("Just clicked!"))), { _ =>
    EventStream.fromValue(None, emitOnce = true).delay(500)

val app = div(
  button(onClick.mapTo(()) --> clickBus, "Click me"),
  child.maybe <-- $maybeAlert

render(node, app)